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According to the Hebrew Bible. Aaron was chosen by God to be the first high priest. Because your Alliance. Title. The key with enormous responsibility. Aaron Moses, his brothers served as priests of the people. And then following Aaron, the line of the priests followed his genealogy. They were the ones designated to carry the art.

And they were the ones permitted to come close to it in worse.

The entire of the pre. Was beautiful. But it was also there for their protection. They have to wear a mind. Are they. More abreast. They had to wear a long role. They had to keep certain areas of the body protected. The lungs, the heart. The genital area.

The high priest. I have to have these on. The box and when he approached the car, You have to have the world. Tied around his let you. Why. So if, and when something ever went wrong.

Struck him.

We’ll be allowed to go into retrieve his body because they would suffer the same fate. Great.

Top of the arch where the figures of two. And it was said in the Bible. That God’s presence came to rest in the tiny space between them. That was the place where heaven and earth. Touched

the space between the angels on the lid of the Ark was known as the mercy seat. On which the image of God would allegedly sick. When communicating with a Levite priests.

Really witnessed. And father wooed, we presence between the two angels. And if so, was it literally the image of God? Or something else?

Based on the numerous accounts of the arcs awesome power.

I proposed that it may have been. Capacitor. I did twice. He used for storing and transmitting energy.

From the stories that have come out of history about the art.

planes. People would touch it and die instantly for that level of the city. And many people theorize that this is some type of actual large energy capacity capacitor. Exactly the right word to use. It relies on static electricity. That’s the simplest device. You just need two conductors with an insulator between that. You’ve got the outer gold, a very nice conductor.

And then if you open this up and look to the inside, you’ll see a second electrode. So what that’s going to look like. Okay. Yup. The outer side of your art. That’s that same charge positive. Then you have your inner wall of the art. It involved. And then you have an insulator in between that, just the, what you make the arc.

Now, what you gotta do is get negative charges. Here on the inner thigh. And the question is how do I get my positive and negative target? Onto my art. And this is where the cherubs come in. You have one 70. On top here. That’s the outer side and you can put charge on it and get your positive charge. The other chair is going to be sitting here.

It won’t be connected to the outer layer. But I’ll come in from a rod and connect with the inner side. And this is where we’ll put our negative chart. So what that looks like over here with the art. Is this chair will not actually be attached to the outer conductor. There’ll be an insulator there, and they’re going to have a rod that goes through and attaches to the inner conductor.

Here’s realize crane. So I’ve actually been able to see the presence of God between the two chairs. Uh, representation of God. That they weren’t actually seeing a representation of God. Could this arc of energy. Then some type of other energy device will be received. So when we’re thinking about the issue, like seeing the image of God,

Between the two chair wing. One of the things to keep in mind, I think is how the image of God is often described. We have smoke fire. Very rarely an actual, like visual picture of a person. And so if you picture what arts and electricity will be doing, they’ll probably be a little bit of smoke. Um, there will be the really bright light that’d be crackling noise.

That could certainly be something that would be interpreted as an image of God.