Webcam Zhongzhu Harbor

Live views of Zhongzhu Harbor, the first place people visit when arriving on Dongyin Island, Taiwan, as this is its main entry point, where the ships from Nangan and Keelung dock. Since Dongyin Visitor Centre is very close to the port, visitors can request travel information as soon as they arrive on the island. Dongyin Township, on the east part of the Matsu Islands (Lienchiang County), is an archipelago that includes Siyin Island and Dongyin Island, whose main gateway is Zhongzhu Harbor. Located in the Taiwan Strait, the surrounding waters have coral reefs and large quantities of fish, thus making it one of the best fishing spots in the area. Since this is an active military base, the high number of soldiers represents a large part of the consumption in local businesses, as tourism is currently not a significant source of income. To find out more information about the weather conditions on Dongyin, visit the live webcams. Main attractions: Dongyong Lighthouse, Dragon Sea Cave, Lohan Flat, Dongao, Andong Tunnel. Nearest Airports: Dongyin has no airport. There is, however, a heliport that only operates during winter, giving priority to locals travelling to Nangan. Otherwise, Dongyin is only accessible by the Taiwan-Matsu ferry.