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The reality of bridge and the area around is one of the most famous places in Venice, and also one of the most beautiful and popular areas. The Rialto Bridge was built in 1181 as the first bridge crossing Grand Canal.

Since then, it’s been rebuilt several times last time in 59 to one, which is a version, which stands today. The bridge was important from the start because it connects the southern parts of Venice to the Alto market.

Because of its popularity, is also nexus in Mark square, the most crowded area in Venice. On the southern side of the bridge, you’ll find many on the design of shops and brand names. But also a wide selection of restaurants.

The bridge itself has two rows will buildings containing small shops divided by a central walkway. The shops offer a wide range of souvenirs and masks, but also different kinds of art, design items and jewelry.

All the shops and people visiting them make the bridge even more crowded. We normally prefer to avoid the crowds in Venice. But we think the amazing view of the canal conned from the top of the bridge makes the area a must to visit.

And strangely enough, if you head north of the bridge towards the Yachty market, it seems like all the people disappear. You don’t need to walk many blocks before it’s much quieter. On the northern side, you will also find nice restaurants and bars overlooking the Rialto Bridge.