Webcam Pârtia Parc Vatra Dornei

The Parc ski slope is located in the center of Vatra Dornei resort and is one of the most visited ski slopes in the north of the country. At the base of the slope there is a snowtubing slope and the Euroski ski school. The slope benefits from the night, snow cannons, and access to transport facilities is based on a ski pass.
The ski slope Park 1 has a medium degree of difficulty and the length of 900 m. The altitude at departure is 965 m and at arrival 805 m, the level difference being 160 m. The Park slope is served by ski lifts.

Technical details of the slope:
Degree of difficulty: Medium
Length: 900 m
Level difference: 160 m
Snow cannons: Yes
Night: Yes
Departure altitude: 965 m
Arrival altitude: 805 m
Cable transport rates:
1 ski lift: 2 points canceled
1 mini ski lift: 1 point canceled
15 lei guarantee: it is returned upon delivery

4 points: 10 RON 8 RON
10 points: 25 RON 20 RON
20 points: 50 RON 40 RON
40 points (+10 bonus points): 100 RON 80 RON
Operating schedule:
Daily: 900 – 1700
Address: The Parc slope is located in the vicinity of the Central Park of Vatra Dornei.
Contact telephone: 0744 851 550