Webcam Alicante Harbour

This is a webcam showing Alicante Harbour, located in Spain. The Port of Alicante is a seaport in Alicante, Spain on the Mediterranean Sea used for commercial and passenger traffic. The port is administered by the Port Authority of Alicante.

During the early 20th century alicante was a minor capital that took profit from the benefit of spain’s neutrality during world war one and that provided new opportunities for local industry and agriculture today the province of alicante is the second largest region in the valencian autonomous community the port itself has been reestablished since the industrial decline in the 1980s and has become a more popular entry point into alicante the city’s airport located at el altit is one of the most active airports in spain generating as much demand as the big city airports such as barcelona and madrid

In a commanding position above the town the castillo de santa barbara seems to sprout from a rocky outcrop overlooking the sea the hilltop location on mount benecantal is a testament to the castle’s military purpose and has been a strategic asset as far back as the carthaginian era the castle is open to the public for self-guided visits as well as guided tours

Alicante’s old town is a bit like a village at the center of the city this neighborhood is sprawled on the hillside beneath the castle and to get around you’ll need to walk the steep streets and stairways between high whitewashed walls locals take great pride in their homes decorating their balconies and doorsteps with fresh flowers and painting their shutters in blues and greens.

The pasty get beach is found at the center of valley kante tucked beneath the Castillo de Santa Barbara this picturesque squad beach offers the serenity of gentle waves and calm turquoise waters that are ideal for swimming crowds flock here during summertime because of its fine golden sand and excellent facilities including restaurants public toilets showers and beach volleyball areas.

Explanada de espana alicante’s refined marble laid promenade is useful for wayfinding as it starts in the old town and continues along the city’s seafront next to the marina in most Spanish cities a family walk is part of the lifestyle and promenades like the explanati bunny to help you do it in style you’ll get a real sense of alicante’s ambiance as you stroll beneath the palms and watch daily life in the city unfold around you at terraces and market stalls.

The central market is without a doubt the biggest market in the city it’s actually the successor of two other markets that existed at the end of the 19th century both of which were much smaller the almost 11 000 square meters of this market are occupied by nearly 300 stalls most of them sell fruits and vegetables fish and seafood meat sausages and eggs.

Alicante is a place lots of people visit almost all year around but if you’re looking for the best time to go May and June is definitely the time you should visit this is based on a number of factors such as the weather cost of flights and accommodation peak travel periods and more the weather in alicante is well balanced for most of the year alicante is known to get very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter with temperatures rising and falling wildly at times autumn is more quiet and see sporadic rainfall occurring at times