Webcam Club Nautic el Balis ( camera 2)

Club Nàutic El Balís is a yacht club and marina located on the Mediterranean coast near the town of Sant Andreu de Llavaneres, Catalonia, Spain. Here are some key details about Club Nàutic El Balís:

  1. Location: The club is situated in the El Maresme region, northeast of Barcelona. It enjoys a coastal location along the Mediterranean Sea.
  2. Marina Facilities: Club Nàutic El Balís provides mooring and berthing facilities for boats and yachts. The marina is equipped to accommodate a range of vessels, and it offers services such as fueling, boat maintenance, and other amenities.
  3. Yacht Club: In addition to being a marina, Club Nàutic El Balís functions as a yacht club, providing a range of services and activities for sailing enthusiasts. Yacht clubs often offer social events, sailing competitions, training programs, and other recreational activities related to boating.
  4. Sailing School: Many yacht clubs, including Club Nàutic El Balís, often have sailing schools where individuals can learn and improve their sailing skills. These schools may offer courses for beginners as well as advanced sailors.
  5. Restaurant and Social Spaces: Yacht clubs typically have on-site amenities such as restaurants, bars, and social spaces where members and visitors can relax, socialize, and enjoy views of the marina.
  6. Events and Competitions: Club Nàutic El Balís may host various sailing events, regattas, and competitions throughout the year. These events attract participants and spectators from the local community and beyond.
  7. Community Engagement: Yacht clubs often play a role in the local community, promoting maritime culture, environmental awareness, and water sports. They may also be involved in charitable activities and initiatives.
  8. Membership: Yacht clubs typically operate on a membership basis, with individuals or boat owners joining as members to access the club’s facilities and participate in its activities.
  9. Scenic Surroundings: The coastal location of Club Nàutic El Balís provides scenic views of the Mediterranean Sea and the surrounding landscape. The club may be situated in an area known for its natural beauty and recreational opportunities.

If you are interested in specific details about Club Nàutic El Balís, such as current events, membership information, or services offered, it’s recommended to visit the official website of the club or contact them directly for the most accurate and up-to-date information.


This is a webcam showing Club Nautic el Balis, located in Spain. Port Balís is located in a strategic point of the Mediterranean and is the ideal stopover for the routes of Costa Brava and the Gulf of Leon that come from the south or go towards the Balearic Islands and Costa Daurada from the east and the northeast.
El Balís is located within the municipality of Sant Andreu de Llavaneres, located in a privileged area of the Maresme, next to the towns of Sant Vicenç de Montalt and Caldes d’Estrac. These two towns together with Caldetes are known as “Las Tres Villas” (The Three Towns), a privileged environment thanks to its microclimate, its gastronomy and its perfect location within the Maresme coast.