Webcam – El Prat Beach – Barcelona

This is a live webcam showing El Prat beach, located in Barcelona, Spain.

【LIVE】 Webcam El Prat 【LIVE】 Live El Prat 【LIVE】 Live Web Cam Barcelona【LIVE】 Live Barcelona 【LIVE】

Welcome to the Prat beach, a unique space for leisure, environmental education and physical activity in the metropolitan area of Barcelona. It is 5.5 km long, stretching from the mouth of the Llobregat river to the Remolar lake. It runs through the pine forest of Can Camins, and the areas of Remolar and Roberta, all of which are included in the Natura 2000 network. A large part of our coastline is protected, specifically the beaches of Remolar, Roberta and Ricarda – Ca l’Arana, due to their high natural value.

The public can enjoy our coastline with its corresponding services and facilities: lifeguards, lifeguards, the Municipal Sailing Centre, Police, etc. All this, with the regulation of a series of uses to guarantee coexistence on the beach and at the same time ensure that all citizens can enjoy it.

In 2021, a court ruling annulled some parking zones and forced a reorganisation of the mobility system in this area. Vehicles with a resident’s badge, which can park free of charge, have two exclusive parking bays next to the Municipal Sailing Centre and the CRAM. Visiting vehicles must park in the green zone. On weekends, which are the busiest days, it is recommended that you take advantage of the parking bays at the beginning of the beach, and use the free shuttle bus to get to the desired point on the beach.

Useful telephone numbers:

Emergencies: 112
Ambulance: 061
Local Police: 934787272
Prat Fire Brigade: 933791081