Webcam Pallid Swift

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Welcome to a nest of the Pallid Swift (“Apus pallidus”), one of the most magical birds you can observe, because its life takes place almost entirely in the air. In the aerial environment it finds everything it needs to live: food, materials for its nest; it is able to sleep in its weightlessness and even copulate in it. There is only one thing they cannot do; make a nest in which to lay their eggs and bring forth their offspring. And, dear friends, this is the purpose of showing the images you are seeing, in the absolute privacy of their nest.

It is located in the Esclavas SCJ school in Jerez de la Frontera, Cadiz, which belongs to the ACI Educational Foundation. The installation and dissemination of these images are part of an interdisciplinary project: “Median Swifts, observation and monitoring of the Pallid Swift from an educational point of view”.

This project aims to bring students closer to the “urban natural” ecosystem to which they belong, in order to involve them emotionally with the swifts. In this way we motivate and educate them on the importance of protecting these insectivorous birds that share their immediate environment to which the school belongs.

We hope you enjoy the images, but we hope you will accept the way things turn out, because as someone said; sometimes nature is neither beautiful nor unpleasant, it is simply shown to us as Nature.