Webcam PK 0.2 Ambos sentidos

This is a webcam showing PK 0.2 Ambos sentidos (AC-173), located in La Coruna, Spain. The AC-173 is a secondary road network in Galicia, which connects the towns oleiresas of Perillo and Mera , along 3.5 kilometers , along the coast west of the municipality of Oleiros .The road, fully urban, begins its journey in the place of Perillo , Oleiros , on the border with the Ponte da Pasaxe ( N-VI ). It passes through the places of Santa Cristina , Bastiagueiro (where it separates the central building of the Faculty of Sports Sciences and Physical Education of the University of A Coruña and its athletics track ), and the Port of Santa Cruz , to the center of Mera , where it joins the AC-172 road .