Webcam PK 116.8 Ambos sentidos

This is a webcam showing PK 116.8 Ambos sentidos (N-550), located in Pontevedra, Spain. The N-550 is a Spanish national highway that leads from La Coruña to Tuy. It leaves La Coruña on Avenida Alfonso Molina, taking us to the Culleredo town hall, we cross the towns of Portazgo, La Corveira, Vilaboa and Alvedro. Already in Cambre we find the towns of Sigrás and Altamira. We now go to Carral, the town hall to which Tabeayo and the town of Carral itself belong (which we cross through Cuesta del Pincho street). The road now runs between eucalyptus trees, while we climb towards the highest point of the same, the Mesón del Viento, a town belonging to Orders. We cross the town of Orders through Avenida de Alfonso Senra, leaving the town hall on the right. We continue along the road through Santa Cruz de Montaos, Deixebre and Oroso (the latter two in the municipality of Oroso), to reach Sigüeiro, capital of the latter municipality. In Sigüeiro the river Tambre is crossed through a very renovated medieval bridge. We have already arrived in Santiago de Compostela.