Webcam – Pontevedra

This is a webcam showing Pontevedra, located in Spain.

When they think of Galicia, many think of the best seafood in the world and its icy-water beaches, in Santiago, A Coruña and maybe Vigo. However, if I were a tourist, I would not hesitate for a moment: I would visit Pontevedra.

Credits: basho
There are many reasons to do it. In recent years, the city has changed a lot – for the better – and has struggled to become a place geared towards people and not towards cars. Most of the urban center is pedestrianized and completely adapted to facilitate the mobility of people: baby carriages, wheelchairs and bicycles can cross the city without obstacles. Traffic and parking have been reduced and slowed down below 30 km / h. The entire monumental area is closed to traffic, except for services and residents, allowing you to walk, relax and photograph freely and without fear of being run over.

Don’t be fooled by its size; there is so much to see. And the monumental area is the best you will find in all of Galicia. It is obvious, the monumental area of ​​Santiago is impressive but … its climate is so bad that it does not stop. When you go out at night, you have to go into a place. In Pontevedra, the nights are lived in the street, since the monumental area is full of squares that the tapas bars have turned into terraces always full of people. The largest of these squares is A Ferraria, next to the church of the Pilgrim Virgin and is the natural entrance to the monumental area. Both the square and the church are on the Camino de Santiago Portugues: