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Webcam Live Altea Portet de l’Olla Spain.

Alteat is located in the province of Alicante. One hour north of elegantes airport, and 142 kilometers south of Valencia airport. This beautiful Mediterranean town sitting between Benidorm and Calpe offers some amazing natural surroundings. The Moto de toys or Sierra Lada with their breathtaking beautiful views are among some of the main attractions. Altea is protected from cold northern winds by the mountains of Bernier to the north, and offers a pleasant microclimate all year round, with average temperatures of 18 degrees. It has a population of 23 and a half 1000 inhabitants. A large percentage of foreigners attracted by the lightning the charm of this Mediterranean town
Along the 80 kilometers of coastline, you can expect to find undisturbed coves cliffs and hidden beaches.

The mascara with its Padley coats and crystal clear turquoise water is our prime watersport destination.
The sandy beaches and our tears Main port are all easily accessible. From the city center.
If you prefer more exclusive boy, then there are other books in the area
while walking in the old town you can enjoy from several viewpoints the church of Ellicott psuedo situated right in the heart of our 10 years old town
the village retains its traditional Mediterranean architecture, with its flower lined cobbled streets that invite you to take a stroll or enjoy the local cuisine in one of them many restaurants.
I’ll tell you also offers luxurious estates with recently built holiday apartments providing the highest quality and dreamy bellows with stunning views
and not surprisingly writers and painters from all over the world choose to live in this magical place for inspiration.