Webcam – Sagrada Familia – Barcelona

Webcam Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain - Online Live Cam Barcelona

La Sagrada Familia inspires all by a tear verticality. And in the true tradition that the great medieval cathedrals that emulates it’s still under construction after more than 100 years.

La Sagrada Familia was Anthony Gaudi his last great hurrah, and he was obsessed with seeing its completion.

However, and his death in 1926, only a relatively small portion of the monument had been completed.

Gaudi was laid to rest here in the crypt, and his work is now planned to be finished sometime in the 2020s.

With his characteristic dislike for straight lines, Gaudi gave his tower swelling outlines inspired by the peaks of Montserrat, outside Barcelona, and he impressed them with a tangle of sculpture.
Gaudi plan three facades on the left side of the church is the Nativity facade, which tells the story of Christ’s birth.
On the right is the passion facade, which documents Christ’s last days and his death and the glory facade which is still under construction will be a dedication to the glory of Christ.

What you’re visiting is a building site, but the completed sections and the museum can be explored at leisure, or via guided tours.
The museum Gaudi in the church’s crypt includes material on galleries light and work, including models photos, and other material unless a grada familia, unfinished as it may be, it still attracts more than 2 million visitors a year and is the most visited monument in all of Spain.