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Odessa Port

Ukraine’s economy is hard to imagine without investments. According to experts realization of the country’s immense potential adoption of progressive laws. The new tax code and establishing partnership with international business may make Ukraine the leader of economic development in Eastern Europe as a region is one of the most attractive territories for investment in Ukraine.


Their region is among the leading five due to combination of its geographical cetacean its closeness to European Union borders, its modern transport and logistics infrastructure, higher level of secondary and higher education, skilled workforce, beneficial industrial and economic conditions. All these grades for equities for attracting resources both from the east end from the west necessary for the region’s intensive development in 2012 alone, direct foreign investments grew by 33 and a half percent and amounting to $1,629,000,000.


The biggest inflow of capital is from Cyprus, the United Kingdom, they’re Netherlands they use a Switzerland, Germany, Singapore and France. And this region is the main Seagate of Ukraine, seven commercial ports and efficient harbor isolated here responsible for 70% of the country’s board cargo turnover. The harbors are actively involved in transshipment of cargo through five Pan European transport corridors greater number seven greater number nine, their Baltic Black Sea route their black sea transport during the Europe gases Asia, the allweather Airboard, after its reconstruction is completed in 2015 will become a modern International Class Terminal.


It links the region with the countries of CIS Western and Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa. It is here that there are deaths abroad by pipeline starts capable of working in both direct and reverse mode. They are their support plant is the biggest in Europe as to storage and turn shipment of chemicals. Over 1000 kinds of goods are produced in the regions from machines and tools to medicines and food products. Favorable investment climate helps to develop another powerful branch agriculture.


The region ranks third in Ukraine is to food production we gather more than 3 million tons of grain, half a million tonnes of vegetables and grow half of wine grapes produced in the country. The region’s vineyards are the simulated youth as the world famous vineyards of the French Bulldog are ones due to moderately continental climate. Our wine is famous for its refined qualities and has won many international awards. This year, the exposition of the region’s wineries is presented at the world’s biggest wine making industry exhibition winterly. In order to present best blends, and rays, the expert potential ideas region is unique as to ether resorts.


We have the longest trip of golden sea beaches in Europe stretching long 173 kilometers six lemons for ride hailing mud to sanatoriums and balneological resorts. Every year more than a million tourists visit the region. Brahma since fears for investments are infrastructure projects high technology production that could be placed in industrial parks, resort facilities processing industry and agrarian sphere at this region means clear cut rules of dealing with investors.


Our specialists offer assistance in defining promising spheres for investment optimum forms of investment activity, conduct swift search for and preparation of sites for projects realization.
Provide for cooperation with local authorities, international funds and organizations as well as for information and analytical support. cooperation with our region will be of great benefit for you. Time has shown that this really is the territory of new opportunities.


Here your business will receive a new impetus for development. Dozens of international and Ukrainian companies which invest actively into production and technologies became convinced in this. Our long standing experience of working with investors makes us worthy of your trust as a region is Investment Perl of Ukraine

The high-definition live cam is at Odessa Harbourwithin the city of Odessa, in southern Ukraine. The live scene appears you Potemkin Stairs, or Potemkin Steps, an image of Odessa and a formal entrance to the city middle from the ocean side. The giant stairway, which highlighted within the film “War vessel Potemkin”, was built in 1841, has 192 steps along 142 meters and 27 meters in tallness!