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It is located in the ȘUREANU MOUNTAINS, in a magnificent high-altitude mountain setting, between the ȘUREANU peak of 2,059 meters altitude and the PĂTRU peak of 2,130 meters altitude, including the AUȘEL peak of 2,009 meters altitude and the CURMĂTURA peak of 1,809 meters altitude.

The geographical features have led to the realization of a special winter sports infrastructure, where the abundant snow measures over 1.5 meters between the months of December and April.

Currently, the slopes are equipped with two ski lifts and a chair lift, and the ten slopes totaling 11,473 meters “are for all tastes, having an excellent layout on the alpine plateau.

Varied in difficulty and slope, they contain portions of both compacted snow and so-called powder (unbeaten, floury snow), ideal for snowboarding and freeride. The location in relation to the vegetation offers unique experiences by descending from the alpine gap (2,010 m – 1,900 m alt.) either through the forest or on the width of the plateau.

At the same time, an advantage of going down each of the slopes is the unpredictability of the views.

From the panoramas in the south, (the peak of PĂTRU, the massif PARÂNG), to those in the east (Cindrel Mountains, Lotrului Mountains) and those in the west (Retezat Mountains) you have unexpectedly beautiful images, which justify, once again, the name of “THE SWITZERLAND OF THE EAST”, given by foreigners to the Șureanu Mountains.

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