Webcam Brașov

Brașov is a municipality located in central Romania, in the Bârsa Depression, at the foot of the Tâmpa Massif and the extensions of the Postăvaru Massif. Archaeological excavations carried out in the municipality have revealed traces of habitation from the Stone Age and the Dacian period. From the 14th to the 18th centuries, Brașov became an important commercial and craft center. In 1364, it obtained the right to organize annual and weekly fairs and concluded a trade agreement with Vlaicu Vodă, the ruler of Wallachia, an agreement that was successively renewed by other rulers. Thus, Brașov became one of the most important trading partners of Wallachia, and crafts and industry developed to meet the market demand south of the Carpathians.

Brașov is fascinating in every season. History, culture, architecture are elements that will surprise you everywhere. Brașov is a city that has surpassed all historical trials and has had spiritual, civic, and material resources to regenerate and reinvent culture.