Webcam Piața Romană București

Piața Română is the meeting point of some of the most important thoroughfares in the city, especially Bulevardul Magheru, Lascar Cartagiu, and Dacia. It undoubtedly hosts the most prestigious university in the country, the Academy of Economic Studies (ASE), but like many other public squares in Bucharest, the impact of its architectural stones is somewhat diminished by the heavy traffic passing through. Nearby is the bustling Piața Amzei, a decent market for products that has recently been renovated and is flanked by several decent cafes and restaurants.

Metro Station

The metro station at Piața Română is one of the most peculiar in the Bucharest metro system: a thick wall with only a few small openings for passenger passage separates the train platforms. Why? The station was an afterthought: initially, there was not supposed to be an intermediate station between Universitate and Piața Victoriei.

About Us

The Individual Notary Office Radu Felix-Cristian was established in April 2009, operating from that date at the address Piața Română nr.9, Bucharest.

Notary Public Radu Felix-Cristian officially started his activity as a Notary Public on January 1, 2005, previously working as a Trainee Notary in a Notary Office of Associated Notaries in downtown Bucharest.

Contact Information Phone: 031 101 77 65 Address: Piața Română nr. 9, Scara C, floor 1, apartment 1, Sector 1 – Bucharest. Email: [email protected] Website: