Webcam Parcul Crîng Buzau

The Crâng Park, located in the city of Buzău, is one of the largest and most significant parks in the area. Initially, it was a forest located on the outskirts of the city, and the process of developing the park began in the second half of the 19th century. This forest was initially owned by the Buzău Bishopric, and later it was gradually taken over by local authorities and transformed into a public green space.

Inside Crâng Park, there are various facilities and attractions. A monument dedicated to local history marks the importance and cultural values of Buzău. Additionally, the park hosts a restaurant built in the specific style of the Chiojdu area, offering an authentic experience in terms of local gastronomy.

A central feature of the park is a lake, which adds a picturesque atmosphere and provides opportunities for various water recreational activities. Moreover, in Crâng Park, there are specially designed areas for leisure activities, such as outdoor discos, playgrounds for children, and even a corner dedicated to chess enthusiasts.

Crâng Park serves as a destination for recreation and relaxation for the residents of Buzău and for tourists visiting the area, offering a pleasant and diversified environment for spending leisure time in nature.