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The Casino in Constanța is an impressive monument with a long and varied history, dating back to the period of 1904-1910 when it was built to be an emblematic venue for cultural performances and leisure activities for both tourists and locals. Over the years, it has witnessed numerous events, from grand inaugurations and concerts to periods when it was used as a field hospital during World War I or as headquarters for various organizations and institutions during the communist era. However, the Casino has suffered considerable damage due to military conflicts and neglect, and it currently faces conservation and restoration issues, being included on the list of heritage monuments at risk. Although various renovation and restoration projects have been initiated, the process has encountered numerous difficulties and delays. Nevertheless, the Casino in Constanța continues to be a symbol of the city and an attraction for tourists and locals, remaining a vivid reminder of its rich history and cultural importance to the local community.

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The Constanța City Hall has initiated the tender for the consolidation and restoration works of the Casino. These works aim to rehabilitate the terrace, the defense wall, and the balustrade along Elisabeta Boulevard. Vice Mayor Ionuț Rusu stated that another tender will be organized for the equipment of the Casino.

  • February 2, 2024

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