Webcam Gara Pașcani

Pașcani is located in Iași County, situated on the terraces on the right side of the Siret River valley, in the intersection area with the extensions of the Fălticeni Plateau, at a distance of 75 kilometers west-north-west of the city of Iași. The first documentary mention of the locality of Pașcani appears in a deed dated April 8, 1419. According to another document from July 2, 1453, issued by Voivode Alexăndrel, the village is mentioned as part of the estate of the boyar Oană Pașca, from whom it seems to derive its name.

Pașcani Railway Station

The Pașcani Railway Station has its roots deeply embedded in a tradition that spans over a century. It has witnessed numerous landmark events in the history of the Municipality of Pașcani, culminating with the visit of Princess Margareta and Prince Radu. Moreover, the station provides the public with a steam locomotive, a remarkable invention of the 19th century, which can be admired in our museum. Starting from 1869, Pașcani became a crucial nodal point in Romania’s railway system, also becoming an important location for the Rolling Stock Repair Workshop. Here, its tradition and importance in the Romanian railway network have continued to develop over time.