Webcam Târgu Mureș

The city of Tîrgu Mureș, with a population of 144,806 inhabitants, is the center of Mureș County and is part of the “Centru” Development Region, along with other counties such as Alba, Brașov, Covasna, Harghita, and Sibiu. This central region of Romania enjoys accessibility through the European road E60, the railway network, and the “Transilvania” International Airport, also offering important connections to future highways, such as the Transylvania motorway and the one towards Iași. The city is located in an area with low seismic activity, making it suitable for activities requiring protection against seismic risk.

The Tîrgu Mureș Metropolitan Area, which includes the town of Ungheni and 13 communes, extending over an area of approximately 678.40 km², significantly contributes to the total population, reaching around 215,000 inhabitants. The interdependence between the municipality and the peri-urban area is highlighted by the labor force flow, which moves from the rural to the urban area, as well as by the development of industrial activities in the peri-urban area, thus attracting labor from the municipality.


Historically, the city of Tîrgu Mureș has been an important commercial center in Transylvania since the 16th century, being a point of intersection of trade routes. Today, the city preserves a rich architectural heritage reflecting its evolution over time, including a medieval fortress and baroque buildings.


The city’s economy has shifted from one based on traditional industry to one focused on services. Although the industry has experienced a significant decline in recent decades, the tertiary sector, represented mainly by commerce and services, has seen significant growth. The medical and research sector has a significant presence in the city, with highly specialized institutions and research projects in collaboration with international partners.


The city of Tîrgu Mureș is also an attractive tourist destination, with a mix of cultures and a generous natural landscape. Historical monuments, recreational areas, parks, and annual cultural events make Tîrgu Mureș an interesting destination for tourists and visitors.