Webcam Parcul Municipal Roman

The Municipal Park, also known as Grădina Mare, is located on Ștefan cel Mare Street, near the train station in Roman, Neamț County, Romania. This historic park dates back to 1906 and covers an area of approximately 13.3 hectares.

The lake in the Roman park is equipped with a pier that has 2 rowboats and 10 pedal boats. During the warm season, between May 1 and September 30, recreational boat rides are organized on the lake. A notable attraction is a water jet about 10 meters high, which springs from the middle of the first part of the lake, inspired by the jet from Lake Geneva near Geneva.

The lake has three islands, each with a distinct theme:

  1. Brâncuși Island: This island is connected to the rest of the park by a bridge and hosts replicas of Brâncuși’s works “Table of Silence” and “Endless Column”. These sculptures are illuminated at night by a violet light projector.
  2. Green Planet Island: Access to this island is prohibited and can only be reached by boat. The island is inhabited by various species of birds, and shelters and a small artificial lake for watering and bathing have been arranged for them.
  3. Waterfall Island: This island is linked to the park by a bridge and has a low part with walkways and benches and a high part from where a waterfall cascades. Also, here is an observatory from where you can closely observe the creatures from Green Planet Island, as well as other points in the park.

In the park, there is also the Writers’ Rotunda, which houses busts of 10 famous Romanian writers. In the middle of the rotunda, there is an oval-shaped park, crossed by 4 avenues, and a dandelion-shaped artesian fountain.

The Park Complex consists of a restaurant with a terrace, motel, and an ice rink that operates in the cold season. Additionally, there is a playground for children, a Museum of Natural Sciences, as well as other recreational facilities such as a football field and a pavilion where music performances are sometimes