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Situated at an altitude of 126 meters above sea level, the city of Satu Mare is located on a terrace formed by the lower basin of the Someș River. Being a border town, it has road connections with Hungary through the Petea border crossing and railway connections with Ukraine through the Halmeu border crossing. The main internal connections are represented by the route coming from Oradea towards Baia Mare and Sighet (through Țara Oașului), as well as from Zalău. Another access point, both internal and international, is represented by the air route Bucharest – Satu Mare, along with temporary air routes from Northern Europe. Satu Mare is one of the main gates of Romania, bordering Hungary and Ukraine.

Archaeological discoveries in Țara Oașului have highlighted settlements from the Stone and Bronze Ages. There is also evidence of the communities inhabiting these territories by the Geto-Dacian communities after the Roman conquest. Starting from the 13th century, Satu Mare became an important center of craft guilds due to the economic and commercial privileges granted, and in the 18th century, an intensive process of urbanization of the city began.

Main Tourist Attractions

  • Ardud Citadel in Ardud town – Built in the 15th century by Dragoș Vodă’s nephew, Prince Bartolomeu Drag. It was one of the most powerful fortresses in northern Transylvania, and today only one of the towers rebuilt in Gothic style in 1896 still exists.
  • Karoly Castle in Cărei – Located in the town of Cărei, it is a quite visited tourist attraction. It was built to serve as a residence for Karoly Laszlo and, after 100 years, was transformed into a more solid building by Mihaly Karoly in 1592. Today, the castle houses a history museum, a museum of natural sciences, and a library.
  • The Statue of the She-Wolf in Satu Mare – The statue depicts the image of the two brothers, Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome, who were fed and protected in childhood by a she-wolf.