Webcam Vaslui

Vaslui is the municipality and the seat of Vaslui County, located in eastern Romania, near the border with the Republic of Moldova. Documented since 1375, Vaslui has a rich history, being an important urban and political center in medieval Moldavia. In the 15th century, it became a princely residence and administrative center of Southern Moldavia, with a princely court built during the reign of Stephen II. Its strategic position, at the confluence of the Bârlad, Vasluieț, and Racova rivers, gave it a vital role in trade and territorial defense. Vaslui’s market experienced a period of prosperity in the 15th century, and Stephen the Great granted it significant privileges and rebuilt the Princely Court. After the voivode’s death, the city entered a period of decline, and its importance diminished. Nevertheless, Vaslui remains a symbol of Romanian history and culture, being mentioned in literary works such as Vasile Alecsandri’s poem “Peneș Curcanul”.