Webcam Piața Unirii Focșani

Unirii Square in Focșani

The architectural complex of Unirii Square in Focșani is located on the old border between Wallachia and Moldavia. In the center, there is the Union Obelisk, a work of a team of artists led by sculptor Ion Jalea, a monument inaugurated on January 24, 1976. Situated in the middle of Unirii Square, the Obelisk is 20 meters tall and depicts 85 characters from the historic act of the Union of the Principalities. Also part of the same complex are the People’s Athenaeum and the Church “The Nativity of Saint John the Baptist,” founded by the ruler of Wallachia, Grigore Ghica.

The City of Focșani

Focșani is the county seat of Vrancea County, situated on the banks of the Milcov River in the historical region of Moldavia. Known as one of the most important wine-producing areas in Romania, Focșani is located at the intersection of Moldavia and Wallachia, illustrated also on the city’s coat of arms. Throughout its history, Focșani has become a vital commercial center between the Russian Empire and the Balkans. In the 1850s, it played a crucial role in the unification efforts of the Romanian principalities. Its importance in shaping the modern Romanian state is immortalized in the monument in Unirii Square.