Webcam The Hummingbird Trees

Both Anna’s and Allen’s hummingbirds have nested in these rose trees since 2003. Each season female hummingbirds build three to four nests about the size of walnuts. Two tiny white eggs, a bit bigger than tic-tacs are incubated for approximately 15 to 18 days before hatching. The tiny chicks are fed a slurry mixture of bugs, tiny spiders and nectar which help them to blossom into beautiful juvenile hummingbirds who fledge between 23 – 26 days after hatching. The current reigning queen of the yard is a hummingbird named Elsa, she can be identified by the white feathers in her crown. Her first chick in 2018 was named “flash.” Later in the season, Elsa built a second nest and laid two eggs, which were to become “Pip” and “Flitter.” This pair has since fledged.