Webcam Sunport Takamatsu

Sunport Takamatsu

Observe in veritable time a brilliant format of Sunport locale along the ocean side of Takamatsu Harbor and harbor in Kagawa Prefecture, Japan. Takamatsu Harbor, interior the city of Takamatsu, is the first segment point to Shikoku Island, through the Seto Inland Ocean. It highlights a travel harbor moreover a celerity terminal, seen on the right-hand side. The locale around the harbor is called Sunport Takamatsu, which solidifies the tall rise Takamatsu Picture Tower (where the webcam is found), a shopping center, a lodging, a railroad station, and astonishing gardens – as you’ve got a see here. On the left-hand side is the Sunport Wellspring, the bewildering housetop of a coffee shop on the promenade, the exquisite wharf driving to Takamatsu Harbor and Tamamo Direct.