Webcam Portul Sfantu Gheorghe

Locality located between the eastern shore of Razim Lake and the right bank of St. George’s arm
Sfantu Gheorghe, the Danube Delta is a unique locality in terms of tourism. We meet beaches where exotic birds stop and horses run free. We meet the island of Sakhalin in the perimeter of which hundreds of rare species of birds have their shelter. We are also talking about the Erenciuc canal, which is the only black alder reserve in Europe, but also the area where the white-tailed eagle takes shelter. Sfantul Gheorghe, a traditional Holocaust village on the edge of the Danube Delta, is the ideal choice for those who want to get rid of daily stress and have all the wonders that nature and man offer: wild sandy beaches, romantic sea trips, sunset or excursions on the nearby lakes and canals, the famous hahol gastronomy, the locals.

Sightseeing – Excursions organized in St. George
The main points of tourist interest in Sfantul Gheorghe are: wild beach with fine sands, Sahalin Nature Reserve, Saratura I, II, III lakes, Saraturile refuge, Uzlina refuge, ruins of the Roman Fortification – archeological reservation.
A day trip to Crisan, the heart of the Delta with a visit to Sulina or a trip to the island of Sakhalin, a trip to the Caraorman forest or the Letea forest are just some of the trips you can make if you stay at one of the guesthouses in Sfantu Gheorghe.