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Once here was on Spain southeastern coast with the Turia river me the port city of Valencia Lausanne Spain southeastern coast with the Turia river meets the Mediterranean Sea.

.It is one of the most vibrant forward thinking and cosmopolitan cities in Spain and has a heritage culture and nightlife to rival the best cities in Europe. The city has a vibrant old center with an abundance of little streets with splendid medieval buildings that stunning architecture.
There are also ultra modern visitor attractions in the city of arts and sciences. And it all goes to make the lancea one of Spain’s most interesting destinations before we get into the top 10 Things to Do in Valencia We’ve included links in the description to various discount codes and links to resources and things to do so make sure you check those out.

. Is the OC no graphic of Valencia this cutting edge Oh scenario opened in 2003 and is located in the east of the city. of Valencia. The aquarium is organized by zones, each with a distinct environment and uses seawater pumped from Valencia’s waterfront. As one of the biggest aquariums in Europe there are more than 45,000 individual animals from 500 Different species is theirs can get to know Tiger Sharks penguins, walruses, dolphins, sea lions, and many more got this impressive attraction.

.Is Melbourne Rosa Beach.

Within minutes of the old town the family from the beach is a wide strip of golden sand that stretches for a kilometer along the city seafront. The beach has been awarded the blue flag for all the amenities it provides with lifeguard towers and medical station drinking fountains showers and it’s easily accessible ramps and footpaths.

.Is Paulo daily arts radio Sofia, the poet Villa arts Reina Sofia is an opera house and cultural center that opened in October 2005 is a spectacular building and one of Spain’s modern architectural wonders with a true behind the scenes tour because those can stand where some of the Great’s of opera, dance and theater have stood and learn the science behind the chambers aesthetics and acoustics with a knowledgeable English speaking guide.

.Is the central market of Valencia Mercado Central is a public market located across from the silk exchange in central Valencia built in the 1920s the Art Nouveau market is one of the largest in Europe. It has beautiful stained glass and mosaics adorning the domes of the iron structure with over 1000 stalls piled high with the best seasonal produce. This is an amazing place to visit for the sheer variety of food and the impressive setting.

.Is the city of Arts and Sciences Museum.

The city of Arts and Sciences is an entertainment based cultural and Science Complex in the city of Valencia. It was started in the mid 90s and the finishing touches were made in 2005 within this large building our cultural venues and first class family attractions like the planetarium in IMax cinema where the breathtaking Lumbergh goal of botanical collection of plant species native to Valencia is there’s conceived a skeletal remains of dinosaurs on Earth from dig sites nearby stroll through a replicant International Space Station that sound waves of a giant Ark and so much more.

.Is Turia gardens.

The Turia river flowed around the city until the 1950s when it was diverted after flooding. The riverbed has now been transformed into nine kilometers of beautiful green space creating a scene of pine forest orange groves, palms and paths that lead past sports facilities play areas and fountains a total of 18 bridges still crossed the riverbed the oldest dating back to the Middle Ages, and they are now just another part of the unusual scenery in the park.

.Is Valencia Cathedral.

The city’s best gothic cathedral dates to the 13th and 14th centuries with Renaissance Baroque and neoclassical modifications that were made over the next few 100 years. The museum contains a chalice recognized by the Vatican. That’s possibly the original Holy Grail, and visitors can also see paintings by Goya and other major artists. The climb up the maker that bell towers gives spectacular sweeping views from the top.
.Is a lot of own half.

This splendid building in ESCO World Heritage site was originally Valencia’s silk and commodity exchange that was built in the late 15th century when the city was booming. It’s one of Spain’s finest examples of civil Gothic building two main structures blank, a citrus studying courtyard, the magnificent Soliday contracts the all like cathedral of commerce with high twisted nose and the consulado Del Mar were historically a maritime tribunal set.

.Is the Serrano’s gate.

The Serrano’s gate, also known as Serrano towers was one of the 12 gates that form part of the ancient city walls of Valencia. It was built in galentine Gothic style at the end of the 14th century, and offers visitors fantastic views of the city and river. The back of the towers has been opened so that the pointed arches and volta domes can now be seen from the plaza.

.Is Valencia Bioparc.

One of Spain’s biggest zoos. Bioparc Valencia offers a brilliant animal park experience where the animals live in his natural habitat as possible where traditional railings are replaced with rivers or unobtrusive glass screens. Visitors can explore the ecosystems of the savanna, the forests of Madagascar and equatorial Africa. We’re getting up close to Silverback gorillas, leopards, lions, rhinos, hippos and many more.