Webcam Piedras Blancas

This is a webcam showing Piedras Blancas (N-632), located in Spain. The N-632 is the Spanish national road which runs between Ribadesella and Canero along the entire coast of Asturias for 150 km , but only maintained cataloged 80. Before the entry into service of the A-8 Cantabrian Highway, it represented the coastal alternative to the N-634 that runs along the entire Cantabrian coast, but between Ribadesella and Canero, it enters the interior of Asturian lands. Prior to its establishment as a national highway, it was a third-order highway, and that, according to its characteristics, was called the Carretera de Rivadesella a Canero. It shares with the N-634, the N-632a and the A-8 the characteristic of being an integral part of the European E-70 route .