Webcam Vama Veche – Hotel Jakuzzi

VAMA VECHE is located at a distance of 7 km from May 2 and 12 km from Mangalia. The Vama Veche can be reached from Mangalia, which is the terminus of the railway, with the help of minibuses that can be taken from the station or with your own car on the national road E 87.
Vama Veche is a resort in continuous transformation – a bad thing according to some – a lot has been built here in recent years, and the “spirit” has been lost among the tons of rubble and concrete. We must not forget, however, that the “spirit” is more about the people who inhabit the Old Customs and less about the surrounding buildings. Vama Veche was and remains one of the most non-conformist holiday destinations, although get-beget customs officers claim that the atmosphere has deteriorated, which is why they founded the Salvati Vama Veche association.
However, it is the place where you can spend a holiday in the middle of nature, in a special atmosphere of freedom.

The beach in Vama Veche is wide, with over 200 meters in some areas. Intimate and wild, the beach is populated at night by young people who gather around the campfires. Due to congestion and lack of education, the beach is sometimes full of garbage.
A symbol of the resort is the wreck located a few hundred meters from the shore.
Accommodation is provided by several hotels, few in number, but especially by villas and guesthouses. Accommodation rates are low compared to other resorts on the Romanian coast.
In Vama Veche there are some of the most original terraces and restaurants, with wooden tables and chairs, with straw umbrellas, where fried anchovies, small ones, pizza, etc. are served.