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This is a live webcam showing Plaza del Ayuntamiento, located in Valencia, Spain.

Plaza del Ayuntamiento is a well-known square located in the heart of Valencia, Spain. It serves as the city’s main square and is considered one of its most important landmarks. The square is named after the Ayuntamiento, which is the city hall of Valencia, situated on the square’s eastern side.

Plaza del Ayuntamiento is a bustling hub that attracts both tourists and locals alike. It is a vibrant and lively space that hosts numerous events and celebrations throughout the year, including the famous Fallas festival, which takes place in March. During Fallas, the square becomes the epicenter of colorful and elaborate street parades, fireworks, and the construction of massive temporary sculptures known as “fallas.”

The square is surrounded by several impressive buildings, contributing to its architectural appeal. In addition to the Ayuntamiento, other notable structures include the Central Post Office (Edificio de Correos), a beautiful Art Nouveau-style building with intricate details, and the Mercado Central (Central Market), a bustling market where visitors can find a wide variety of fresh produce, seafood, and local products.

Plaza del Ayuntamiento is also well-connected to other parts of the city, making it easily accessible. It serves as a major transportation hub, with several bus and metro lines passing through or nearby the square.

Overall, Plaza del Ayuntamiento is a significant and lively square in Valencia, offering a mix of historical, architectural, and cultural attractions. It is a must-visit destination for those exploring the city.

Valencia is spain’s third largest city and located on the warm mediterranean coast this amazing destination offers beautiful weather modern architecture and loads of historical sites inside its ancient medieval walls Valencia is also home to one of spain’s most world-renowned dishes paella as expats living in this beautiful city we want to warn you with tapas everywhere it is easy to get swept up in an eating frenzy with its delicious gastronomy so come along with us and we’ll show you the top 10 things you cannot miss on your next trip to Valencia let’s go first stop the beautiful mercado central built over 100 years ago this 85 000 square foot market is one of the largest in all of europe it’s filled with vendors selling everything from jamon cheese’s farm fresh produce and specialty stores with cannot miss items like spanish tortillas and fake delights while you’re in the central market make sure you try the central bar it’s a restaurant run by the famous russian star chef ricardo marina they’re famous for their boca deal so make sure you try that and also the other daily tapas they have a great menu don’t miss it i can definitely tell why this sandwich was named after the chef

Onward to our next stop the plaza de la bergen this is the city’s central square which dates back to the roman empire grab a seat on the taranta and enjoy the sights and sounds at this popular people-watching destination if you’re feeling a bit adventurous while in the plaza make a stop at la foyeria and enjoy the delicious waffle on a stick shaped as a is the first thing that you eat you know it’s really good after eating that big calorie bomb let’s get some exercise and climb the 208 steps to the top of the bell tower

Around the corner at the cathedral de la santa maria after the bell tower stop into the magnificent cathedral and lay your eyes on what many christians believe is the holy chalice or also known as the holy grail to quench your thirst head to cafe de las olas and order a picture of agua de Valencia it is a unique drink containing spanish sparkling wine cabba gin vodka and of course fresh squeezed Valencian orange juice welcome to cafe de las horas so this is a perfect spot to come and get one of Valencia’s most known dranks agua de Valencia

Be careful if you drink too much of these you’ll be allowed on this beautiful tile floor we hope you’re hungry because it’s 2 p.m time for lunch la comida yes we’re talking about spanish national dish paella which originated right here in Valencia we have some paellas we just got here we have uh got shrimps and we got some shellfish in there and then we have Valencia which is some beans and chicken no snails it looks like a rabbit there are a variety of rice dishes so make sure to give it a try if you want to eat like a true local never order this dish for dinner all right all right all right let’s take a break from the city and head out to the ocean although there are many beaches to choose from the easiest to access is playa de la malverosa if you’re an early bird make it down for a sunrise if not then just take a stroll down the boardwalk grab a cocktail maybe some lunch at the many restaurants and bars that line the beach if you’re looking just to lounge and catch some rays then bring your towel and jump in the warm mediterranean sea for an afternoon delight hattu or chattaria santa catalina with over 200 years of history it is one of the oldest horchatarias in the city when you visit Valencia you have to try this porchata unlike some of your our american folks know um in the us is mostly mexican which is made out of rice here in spain it’s made out of chupa which is a tiger nuts so it’s basically like a tiger another milk with some sugar it’s a very refreshing summer drink and it’s delicious it’s very soft while there you can also try another Valencia specialty bunuelos big fry dough with sugar on top eating with the chocolate what there’s not love about it next let’s take a stroll through touria park one of the largest parks in all of europe spanning over seven kilometers or four and a half miles toria park is an old riverbed that the city converted into a huge green space after severe flooding in the 50s in this park you can find lots of sculptures fruit trees and even hodu playing in the many water features it’s probably not going to be good see if they’re any good it’s sour i wouldn’t recommend eating the oranges off the trees the orange trees all over in Valencia is really for the looks it’s not for eating guys at the south end of turia you’ll see our next stop the city of arts and sciences one of the 12 treasures of spain this futuristic architectural complex is the most important modern tourist destination in the city okay i always see people try this trick end of this big arch thing talk and see if i can hear her down here so let’s let’s listen okay she’s down there she’s all the way at the end what’s here i can hear you can you hear me yeah i can hear you i can hear like as i feel the person is right next to you that’s pretty cool super cool for a perfect advertise for tapa head over to market cologne this building combines indoor outdoor dining with beautiful architecture so sit down relax and enjoy some gourmet foods

And lots of people watching be sure to head downstairs and eat at some of the best restaurants Valencia has to offer as you can see it’s pretty cool market um everything is a bit pricey you have to be aware of that but there are some nice restaurants downstairs around here so it’s kind of really cool in the hip area day and night really