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Later, he thinks only about advice. I don’t Yeah how do you usually begin petition as possible? can proceed later on everyone Hello. Today we’re gonna look at one was visiting monuments in all of Spain is a church that revolutionize architecture and continues to attract and astonish millions of visitors. Every year. We’re gonna be looking at in Tony Gaudi his famous Sagrada Familia, notably located in the city of Barcelona, Spain.

Sagrada Familia or the Basilica of the Holy Family was begun in 1882 in a NEO Gothic style. With 30 year old architect Antoni Gaudi gone on board completely reimagined it with his unique organic architectural style. He transformed the designs into something that was part Gothic part, Art Nouveau and part dripping sandcastle.

It’s hard to describe Gabby’s designs, because they were unlike anything that it existed before the architecture. Gaudi didn’t look to other architectural structures for ideas, but instead drew his inspiration from what he saw in nature. He looked to mountains sees trees and clips, and became fascinated with the complex patterns he saw all around him.

As a devout Christian, he viewed the beauty of nature as a gift from the Creator God. And he celebrated this through his designs Gaudi once said, originality exists by going back to the origins and with his unique vision. He gave us something the world had never seen. He designed the church with 18 spires, representing the 12 apostles, the Virgin Mary, and the four Evangelists.

The Thomas tower is meant to represent Jesus Christ, and evoke what feels like to be closer to God. It seems that every square inch of this building has some kind of spiritual symbolism or significance. It’s incredible. And that’s largely because Galileo was extremely devout, and wanted to use his artistic abilities to bring glory to God.

In addition to being a master artist, he’s also a master engineer, and ingeniously used physics to ensure his creative designs could also uphold the structural integrity. of the church. The church has three facades and activity facade, the passion, facade, and the glory facade.

The Nativity facade is located on the east and faces the rising sun as a symbol for the birth of Christ. The exterior seems to organically grow and evolve, as the magnitude of Christ’s incarnation is remarkably transformed into stone. The packing facade is gravely different. This is because it aimed to conceptually captured the depravity of humanity and the suffering of Christ. Through his crucifixion. Unlike the
negativity facade, the exterior is plain and stare with bare stone and harsh lines that almost look skeleton in an unprecedented manner. The exterior tree light columns stretch out from the earth and in doing so, mimic the stretching across arms, and the straining with cage soon other precise, abstracted crucifix. The church’s largest facade is the glory facade and even intended to represent the road to God. It has seven doors representing the seven sacraments of the Catholic faith.

This facade is not yet complete, but it’s predicted to be the most striking of all. Perhaps one of the most stunning aspects of this church is what you see on the inside. Like Gothic architecture. The church was meant to transport visitors to a heavenly realm. The moment they stepped outside. Twisting calm should have like trees, rising to create an exploding canopy at nearly 150 feet into the air, leaving visitors wide eyed and overwhelmed.

And the surface of this church feels alive. And unravels and beautiful geometry and blooming organic forms. Rainbow colors explodes, the ornate stained glass windows, interior with rich, fragmented color. It’s really too much to take in. And the more you look, the richer and more complex it seems. Elaborate curves are more into abstract jagged forms, and capitals are decorated with clothing oval shapes with religious imagery. Every element aims to mysteriously transports you into a spiritual realm. The architect Louis Sullivan once remarked that its spirit symbolized in stone.

The more Gaudi invested into this church design, becoming golfed in the project, leading him to withdraw from all other work and dedicating the rest of his life to the task. He worked on the project for 43 years, spending the last decades of his life devoted to prayer and overseeing its construction. Despite his dedication, Gaudi knew he would never live to see its completion. But when he died tragically at the age of 73, the project was less than 25% Complete.

Since Gaudi set in 1926. Generations of designers have dedicated their lives and use various technologies to carry out Gabby’s incredible and complex vision. After decades of tireless constructed efforts, a church was consecrated by the pope in 2010, and is projected to be complete by the 2030s when considering all of the different structures that have been designed and created throughout the history of mankind. Socratic Familia is one that rises to the top pinnacle of Barcelona.

It stands as a testimony to Gaudi his creative vision, bravery in architectural genius. Its abstracted organic forms bring together nature tradition, contemporary life and the spiritual realm. harmoniously blending them together in a space that takes your breath away. Sagrada Familia reminds us that architecture has the power to not only transform nations and cities, but individual hearts