Webcam Saundersfoot Beach

This Live Webcam is applied to the St Brides Spa Hotel in Saundersfoot- Pembrokeshire and works 24/7!
The Saundersfoot Beach Live webcam offers an overview of the exceptional harbor with quality views of the sea and the beach around Saundersfoot Beach and the nearby Cliff restaurant and nearby terraces.
This webcam also has a view of the Saundersfoot port.

After many requests and after discussions we decided together with the locals and two companies and the management team of Saundersfoot Connect and the SaraH Marketing & Events team, we decided to install Saundersfoot Harbor in the office to offer a view of the beach and the sea. This webcam is fixed outside the building.

You’re watching West Coast Living, we are in  Wales, in Pembrokeshire, on the coastal path   and we are about to go and explore Saundersfoot! Welcome back guys! In this episode we are taking you to a stunning and popular part of the Welsh   coast, in the United Kingdom, Saundersfoot!

We are starting today just outside of Saundersfoot, on the quiet Monkstone beach, and we will  explore here and the rest of the village to see   what makes this such a great place! From its golden sandy shores to its stunning coastal views, Saundersfoot is a popular destination, regardless of the time of year, so let’s get to it! Alright guys, welcome onto Monkstone beach.

It’s early morning and we just arrived here! The beach isn’t actually at its biggest now, it’s nearly at high tide, so there’s not long to go and   most of this will be gone. What we wanted  to do to show you this stunning and quiet location that  particularly it’s very useful if you want to   escape the hustle and bustle of Tenby and  Saundersfoot main beaches, particularly in (peak) season. We are now into October, it’s a Saturday and as you can see we’ve pretty much got the beach to   ourselves.

There’s another group of people with some dogs, but   that’s it. This is not your typical beach, It’s not easy to get to! There’s   a walk from a farm where there is a limited amount of parking. You need to come down quite a steep path  to get on the beach itself, but once you are on the beach, it’s a beautiful, beautiful place.

There is compact golden and soft sands,   interesting rocks and features, and it’s surrounded by   beautiful cliffs. It”s not like an activity beach, but it’s   a very good place to come relax, bring your  dogs, and be in a tranquil and peaceful place. Right, we have just jumped in the car we are going to   pop over to (visit) Saundersfoot and show  you the different areas that are there. Okay guys, we’ve now arrived at the  the southernmost part of Saundersfoots beach.  It is an amazing place, which and is  worth to come to visit and explore.

Alright, guys, we have gotten into Saundersfoot. We have come straight to the harbour, it’s right next   to the main beach, and it’s also next to  the town, so it’s very close proximity (to these areas). Behind us is all to the boats, so if you like boats, it’s well worth a look. If you’re goint to go out   to do any excursions on boats, or fishing trips, this is where you’re gonna go from. Just a little  nugget of information from an historical  point of view: The area before tourism used to mine   a lot of coal, so this (harbour) used to be a port to ferry coal out of the area (which was produced locally).   The town is right next to the beach and  definitely is the heart of this area.

It has plenty of independent, interesting and unique shops and also has lots of pubs and restaurants. Right guys, although the beach is relatively  quiet in comparison to what it can be,  It’s still a busy and popular beach outside of the season. The main difference is when    out of season, the people on here  are predominantly dog owners and families with   dogs, but in season it’s a very different situation! Firstly, in season, dogs are not allowed on this   part of the beach, and secondly, it will be absolutely packed on here. So, there will be a lot of families, young kiddies and a  lot more going on in and out of the water.

We have just got off the beach at  the north end of Saundersfoot beach, at Coppet Hall beach, and we’re just about to go into the tunnels… Let’s go! We finally made it to Wiseman’s bridge, so it’s time to get a pint, don’t you think? It’s well deserved. Let’s go.. The last stop for the day, with quick pint in the pub.

We wanted to summarize what we enjoyed most today.. So Gabi, what did you like the most about the trip today? I liked the climbing and going through the tunnel. What about you Paulina? I think for me the winner is Monkstone beach.  I would agree with Paulina, Monkstone beach, and I really liked what gabby  liked, when we come back through the tunnel   and over to Wiseman’s bridge because there  was a lot of really interesting sights and   and beautiful things to experience.