Webcam Mioveni

Mioveni, known between 1964 and 1996 as Colibași, is a city located in Argeș County, in the Muntenia region of Romania. The city consists of the main locality Mioveni (the seat), as well as the villages of Clucereasa, Colibași, Făgetu, and Racovița. Situated approximately 15 km northeast of the city of Pitești, on the national road Pitești–Brașov (DN73), Mioveni is located in the center of the county, on the left bank of the Doamnei River, at the confluence with the Târgului River and on the banks of the Argeșel tributary.

The city is traversed by two important national roads: DN73, which connects Pitești to Brașov, and DN73D, which connects it to Mărăcineni in the south and Valea Mare-Pravăț in the northeast. The city is also crossed by the Golești-Câmpulung-Parc Krețulescu railway line, served by the Mioveni station.