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LOCATION: Located in the middle of an open space of approximately 250 hectares, at an average altitude of 500 m, Luna Şes is at the base of the northern slopes of Pietroasa peak (1201 m) and Muntelu Mic (1013 m). This tourist resort is under continuous construction and is considered “the central point of tourism in Satu Mare”. The aim of the project is to capitalize on the extraordinary natural potential of the area.

PROJECT: Development of the Luna Ses tourist area by building a 6.6 km road, including 7 bridges, a 1.8 km access road to the ski slope, a parking area, water and electricity infrastructure,
sewage system and treatment plant. The project also includes a 1,800-meter ski slope (at the top of Pietroasa at 1,201 m is the Sphinx of Oaşului Natural Monument, a strange red volcanic formation). At the same time, a chairlift, the base for snow removal and sanitation and a pavilion for administration will be built.

Luna Ses Tourist Resort – Negresti-Oaș


The Luna Şes Ski Slope is located on the western slopes of the Gutâi Mountains, at the foot of the Pietroasa Peak (1,200 m) and on the upper course of the Talna Mare stream, 9.5 km from the town of Negreşti-Oaş, in one of the most picturesque areas of Romania – “Country of Oaş”. The slope is classified as having a medium level of difficulty (red symbol) and is intended for skiers with intermediate and advanced alpine skiing skills. It has an average slope of 23%, the length is 2,200 meters, the average width is approximately 50 meters and the resort covers an area of ​​9.5 hectares.
The slope benefits from a modern chair lift with a transport capacity of 800 people per hour, night lighting and an advanced artificial snow preparation system.
Access road to the base of the slope, two equipped parking lots, the P1 parking lot near the slope and the P2 parking lot below, near the hermitage of Saint Archdeacon Ștefan, transfer from the P2 parking lot to the base of the slope when the P2 parking lot is full.


Technical details of the slope:
Difficulty level: Red
Length: 2400 m
Average width: 45 m
Altitude: 1200 m
Average incline: 22%
Installation Chair lift 45 pcs/ 4 persons
Snow plow: Yes
Snow Cannon: Yes
Equipment rental center: There is one nearby
Nocturnal: Yes
Chairlift capacity: 800 Pers/hour
The Luna Șes Ski Slope offers optimal conditions for practicing winter sports and relaxing in the middle of nature.
Prices for the ski pass (you can opt for a unit rate per ascent or hourly rate) reduced price, for children under 12 and for pensioners:
People with disabilities and companion – Free – (proving documents required) and children up to 6 years, accompanied by an adult.

The rates are set in lei.
The ski pass is not transferable.
Ski pass one day Mon-Sun
Ski pass 2 days Mon-Sun – valid for 2 days from the date of purchase
Ski pass 3 days Mon-Sun
Ski pass 7 days L-D 135 – 105
250 – 190
575 – 425

Night Ski Pass – (valid on the day of purchase)
Night ski pass – 75-55
Ski pass 3 hours

Ascent & descent ticket – valid on the day of purchase
Operating schedule:
Monday – Friday: 11.00 – 19.00

Saturday – Sunday: 10.00 – 20.00
Address: LUNA street, Negrești-Oaș, Satu Mare Romania,
More information: Luna 6s Ski Slope/ National Tourist Information Center Negresti-Oaș
Contact telephone: | +40.361.884.652 / +40.752173153