Webcam Wild Animal & Bird Feeder

The ground feeder camera is located in Recke (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany) in our garden. Here you will find more bird live cams from our garden: ???? Bird Feeder:… ???? Bird Nesting Box 1:… ???? Bird Nesting Box 2:… ???? Bird Nesting Box 3:… The livestream has a 12 hours rewind function on Browser (4 hours on the YouTube App). Move the mouse over the red bar in the livestream. ???? Please SUBSCRIBE for not missing any new live streams and bird cam videos. ???? BEHIND THE SCENES ???? If you want to see photos of the stations, the surroundings, the garden and the nesting boxes, have a look at my photo album. From time to time I will add new photos: ❤️ SUPPORT ❤️ We need your support! The channel is financed only through private expenses and donations. All donations will only be used for feed and extensions. Donation link: If you want your support to be used only for certain, there is also the option to order feed and accessories via my Amazon wish list and have them delivered to me. I would also be very grateful for that:… The list is constantly updated. Thanks a lot! ????