Webcam Lisbon Old Town

Lisbon Old Town

This live spilling shows up you two particular graphs from Lisbon or in Portuguese Lisboa, the capital of Portugal. Observe in veritable time a dazzling scene of the Tagus Conduit (Rio Tejo) from Alfama, one of the foremost prepared ranges in Lisbon. This webcam faces south towards the wide conduit estuary, a few time as of late it cleanses into the Atlantic Ocean, to the east. You as well have another see appearing Lisbon cityscapes towards São Jorge Castle (Castelo de São Jorge), in Lisbon city center. The castle was built inside the 11th century, in show disdain toward of the truth that the essential fortifications on the slant date back to the 1st century BC! This basic national point of interest has eleven towers, an archeological area, a verifiable center and gardens highlighting neighborhood forest species of territory Portugal. The castle is an crucial traveler attraction – set on the foremost noteworthy slope inside the city – promoting not because it were history but in addition incredible sees over Lisbon and the Conduit Tagus!