Webcam Cala Bona Harbour

This is a webcam showing , located in Spain. Cala Bona is a small fishing town and holiday resort on the east coast of Mallorca in the Balearic Islands of Spain. It consists of a cove with a harbour and surrounding coastal area, and lies within the municipality of Son Servera.


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my Orca is quite possibly the ultimate holiday Island, fantastic for families and with a welcome back vibe that encapsulates everything that’s great about Spain. With its beautiful coastline, sandy beaches and clear sapphire waters. Mallorca is one of the jewels of the Mediterranean off the eastern coast of Spain and located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.


It is the largest of the valley Erik islands, away from the coastline, sheltered coves and dreamy sunsets you’ll find the agricultural heartland and the Tramuntana mountains, a UNESCO World Heritage Site blossoming with orange, lemon and almond trees.
The capital Palma de Mallorca boats cultural attractions, while the coastal and inland villages offer charm and authenticity. Actually, my orca wasn’t always such an idol with a tempestuous history that has witnessed countless assaults from the Carthaginians Romans, vandals and Moors all the same, that rich combination of cultures has created a cosmopolitan, welcoming and open society of islanders today.

Workout consists of a fertile plane, sandwiched between two mountain ranges, the spectacular serra de Tramuntana to North and the Cirrus 11 to the south. The lowlands are bookended by the bay of the Hama home to the islands historic capital city and the Bay of Alcudia. Both are characterized by long sandy beaches and shallow warranties all around them you’ll find great places for water sports and safe swimming. On rocky parts of the coast you’ll see adventure operators taking groups of thrill seekers Coasteering, a mix of rock climbing Xiling scrambling and clip jumping that offers a whole new way to enjoy me or cost coastline.


It’s a paradise for hikers and cyclists with the heights of Serra de Tramuntana, offering challenging ascents and spectacular views.
To the west of Arma lies one of the archives vastly undiscovered resorts Calaveras which has a blue flag beach with clear and warm waters that are ideal for families. As summer residents of Spain’s royal family.


They’re often spotted walking along the streets shopping and dining out along with glorious beaches and bright blue waters. There’s also soaring mountains and hillside country to explore had to Palencia for the Roman ruins of what was once the capital, right the vintage train from Palma de sola to see one of the most charming traditional towns in Spain and visit capital Formentor for Instagram worthy viewpoints and precipitous coastal terrain, where the Sierra de Tramuntana meet the Mediterranean Sea. If you fancy going underground, the caves of Dratch are home to one of the largest underground lakes in the world.


And then atmospheric code tour takes you through the turquoise baths of Diana and Lake Martel under a magnificent ouput stalactites and stalagmites. For something more laid back visit the hillside coastal village of Dia one of the prettiest on the island.
Thanks to decades of tourism, my Orca is easy to get around with a well developed road and bus network, three train lines and a metro service operating within calm if you want to hire a carpenter for convenience and freedom. road conditions on the island are fantastic. But you can expect hairpin bends and narrow lanes along some of the coastal paths leading up to the cliffs and mountains. car hire is the best way to reach a variety of different pages in the mountains.


Bus and bicycle are also excellent ways of exploring with plenty of bikes for hire and bus services running a timetable. That schedule is dependent on route and day of the week to most resort towns. Although journeys can be long, the vintage train from Palma de sola is a must for a day trip.
If you are planning a trekking tour through the Serra de Tramuntana for cycling along the winding roads, you should plan a holiday and may orca in the spring. daytime temperatures of between 19 and 24 degrees make April and May the most popular months.


The main season in Mayorkas starts in June. When daytime temperatures are already scratching at the 30 degree mark and the waters of the Mediterranean have warmed up to 21 degrees. In July and August. You can bank on up to 10 hours of sunshine per day to summer has very little rainfall and this time of year attracts sunbathers in water lovers to the island who live it up on the fine sandy beaches. July and August is my orcas busiest time.

In winter, my orca offers a contrast to the hectic days of the summer months, the bustling resorts fall into a deep sleep and most shops and restaurants close winters The best time to travel for people who appreciate the solitude of the beaches and mountains of New York, with daytime temperatures of between 12 and 17 degrees. The year round open golf courses are a very pleasant spot to tee off in front of a dream backdrop. Snow is very rare, and with the beginning of the almond blossom in February, whole areas of land turned into a pink sea of flowers.