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This is a Webcam live streaming webcam of Palma de Mallorca, SpainKnown for its sun and beach tourism

is one of my favorite places in the world it’s home to jaw-dropping landscape crystal-clear waters and some of the world’s best cliff jumping when I first started traveling this is one of the first places I went to it’s a really cheap place to fly do from most European cities my plane ticket was like $90 round-trip to fly it there so it’s super cheap and affordable I’ve been back this island three times and I just want to keep coming back because there’s so many beautiful locations you gotta check out so for our first location we’re gonna head over to the Albert crux watchtower now this is located on the northern tip of the island I stumbled upon this place by accident I was just driving around I saw this watch tower in the distance I was like shoot I’m gonna find a way to get up there anyways it was built in the 16th century it was used to like warn against pirates that were approaching to come attack the island I guess so pretty crazy history right there so anyways to climb up the watchtower there was like a ladder I just climbed up and then you’re gonna get inside and then there’s like some stairs to get up to the top and it was when I got top I was just so freakin stoked you’re gonna get a beautiful 360 panoramic view of the whole entire area I think it’s out like 380 meters high so you’re gonna get amazing vantage point when I was there the Sun was about to set I got some really cool shots of me just walking around this tower it was one of the most memorable Suns it’s ever had I’m just chilling there and just thinking how in the heck get end up here if you are in my Orkut you gotta check out this watchtower you’re not gonna regret it so for a next location we’re just go down to the nearby mirador s kilometer so I was on a cruise ship and we docked in Majorca and I had like just a few hours before I get back on the ship and I saw pictures of this Minard or so it’s like shoot like I gotta go so I decided to get a rental car for only like three hours that drove out there and I got to this lookout you’re gonna walk out to this observation deck it’s just fighting this massive cliff and you get a really beautiful view of the surrounding area I got some really cool shots there was this Bay bad just the most epic lighting ever thrown that northern side of Allen you got to check out the Mirador is cola mad alright so after the lookout wanna go to one of my all-time favorite places in the real kala marques now if you love cliff jumping crystal-clear water or you just wanna chill on a beach you got to go check this place out like is the definition of Mediterranean paradise like I couldn’t recommend it more it is like one of my top 5 favorite locations in this room I could just spend days here just swimming and cliff jumping it has it all to get there you’re gonna walk down this long dirt road when I was walking down I found this little turtle just chillin in the brush then you’re gonna go through this gate and then you’ll get down to the beach now you’re just gonna get blown away by how like clear this water is the combination of white rock green vegetation and that blue water is just absolutely stunning when I was there I did one of my craziest cliff jumps ever off the 60 foot arch I’m just standing there just debating if I was just gonna jump or if I was gonna do gainer I headed up sending it and doing the gainer and it was one of my all-time favorite travel experiences I made a lot of friends there we got like an air mattress and we’re just floating around in the ocean on it me and my brother we found these sea caves and you have to like swim under this rock to get to the other side so it was a little sketch but it was just so freakin cool the water there is just so clear it’s just such a beautiful place truly can’t recommend it more if you are in my Orca you have to go check out collar vodkas you’re not going to be disappointed alright so after color vodkas horny go over to the nearby drop caves now this is one of the few places I haven’t gone to I’d like to go when I’m back so it’s looking on the east side of island in the town of Puerto Christo now there are four caves there about four kilometers long and it’s about 15 euros to enter so it’s pretty cheap and what your gin do is you’re gonna go down in this cave and then they have like these little boats and you’ll do a little tour I think it takes about an hour to do it’s home to Lake Martell which is one of the world’s largest underground lake so after the cave want to head over to the town of Palma de Majorca now when you fly in to the my Orca this is where you’re gonna fly into now it’s a really cool town there’s a lot to do there you got a lot of galleries a lot of restaurants really nightlife it’s home to the massive Santa Maria Cathedral the construction of the Cathedral was started in the 13th century and it has really cool Gothic architecture so I definitely recommend at least exploring the city for a few hours or even a full day so after Palma de Mallorca weren’t a head over to the famous road to sack kelabra now coming from the US I’m used to wide roads and highways so this road really scared the crap out of me I mean roads in Europe tend to be pretty skinny the road to South kelabra took it to a whole nother level it was full of hairpin turns and loops that wind down the mountain there’s this really cool loop that goes underneath the road that I thought was pretty cool the mountains they’re just spectacular they descend down into the ocean I believe a lot of car commercials were filmed there and understand why it was just so beautiful when I was there I made a pit stop and I found this really cool look out so I could get a good vantage point of all the road when I was driving down it I was honestly terrified I mean I was just afraid I was gonna scratch it of the car or here in a crash there was a few spots where there was only enough room to have one car like this one spot where there’s just like tunnel in the mountain luckily I made it down to the bottom without crashing and I got to the town of sack and low bruh Sokolow burro was another place I just stumbled upon by accident it’s really scenic Beit where the mountains reached the ocean and it’s just really beautiful I walked over to this place called Turin the bodies and it’s this awesome little beach situated between these two cliffs I obviously had to find a spot to cliff jump so I found this little cliff and I jumped in the water and I did some snorkeling in the crystal clear ocean there one thing that I thought was just really cool was all the sailboats they were just five and in the bay one thing I wish I would have done is I wish I would have stayed there for sunset I was in such a rush to find another spot for sunset and I ended up actually missing the sunset so I here it has one of the best sunsets an island there so definitely go spend the sunset down in sac candelabra you won’t regret it alright so after went ahead over to mirador is punk does now as pontas is the sea arch in the ocean and it’s freakin huge and this is what I originally brought me to my Orca I remember I saw this video of the sea arch and I was living in switch the time but I sided alright I’m just gonna go buy a plane ticket or my aircraft was like 90 bucks so like what the heck I drove to the sea arch there’s a local lookout point you can just walk around or the area I mean it’s just a really beautiful place to check out it’s just another reason to visit the island of Majorca just such a beautiful place alright so that is it for my my Yorker video and there’s just so many beautiful places to explore so many little collars and bays to just really it relaxed in the ocean water do some cliff jumping and just enjoy that Mediterranean ocean I can’t recommend my orc enough come from the States there’s nowhere like this place so I mean it’s not too expensive to fly there so if you are living in Europe or you’re doing a vacation in Europe definitely admire your cut to your itinerary you’re not gonna regret it you guys can find me on instagram at surely dot films hope you guys are staying safe out there with the current situation we’re all phasing it’s

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